December 7, 2020

My reflection today:
”’When is Christmas?’ ‘How many days left, Mom?’ Slowly passing days and joyful expectations trigger this endless question in children. Gifts are carefully hidden against those who too eagerly search for what Christmas holds. Some cannot eat or sleep, impatient to know it’s promises. As God’s older children we also wait and wonder what Christmas holds for us. Too often we find ourselves eagerly awaiting only those pre-Christmas sales, holiday bonuses and little more.
Advent reminds us that, as a people of faith, we are an expectant, waiting people. Long ago, others waited and wondered what the Messiah would be like. Today, we wait and wonder: What is Jesus in my life? Who is God for me? God waits too. He eagerly, impatiently, waits for each of us to invite him into our lives in a deeper way.
This Christmas, what are we waiting for? Does advent mean anything to us? How did we prepare for Christ coming this past week? What can we do while we wait for this week?” – Terrance Schneider
During this pandemic things will be different.
Maybe we will have some more time to reflect on the questions that Terrence asked.
Today let us also remember in our prayers all those who died at Pearl Harbor.?