December 6, 2021

My reflection:
Today is Saint Nicholas day. Nicholas may be the most popular saint of all time. Thousands of churches are named after him. He seems to be portrayed by artists more than any other saint, with the exception of Mary. There are hundreds of delightful legends about him. However historians know almost nothing for sure about his life.
A story is told about a man who is so poor that he could no longer buy food for his family. He was going to sell his daughters into slavery so they wouldn’t starve. Bishop Nicolas found out about this. So at night he tossed three bags of gold into their house through a window.
The name Santa Claus means Saint Nicholas. in the 1800s, New York department stores began to hire men to dress up as Saint Nicholas so that more shoppers would come in to buy Christmas presents.
With all the hustle and bustle getting ready for Christmas let us pause and remember the Spirit of Saint Nicholas.