December 4, 2021

My reflection:
“Always see the goodness in this world, do your part in helping those less fortunate, walk hand-in-hand with those of less talent, follow those of more knowledge, and be an equal with those who are different. Find your special purpose in this world so full of choices, and help lead those who stray. Become your own individual – set yourself apart from those who are the same.
Have the self-confidence to say no when it is necessary and the strength to stand alone. Give yourself the approval to love and respect everything that you are and will become. Reap the fruits of your talents, walk with pride down the road of life, be humble in your successes, and share in the praises and joy of others. Most of all, be happy. For when you are happy, you have the key that will open all of the world’s doors to you.” Jackie Olson