December 30, 2021

My reflection:
“There is no need to give up your serenity for the sake of getting something accomplished. In fact, accomplishment comes more surely when your efforts are calm and your spirit is peaceful.
Consider how very much more you can get done when your energy is not being sapped away by a frenzied mind. True serenity is not the absence of action, but rather action with integrity, confidence and a steadfastness of purpose.
The world may very well be swirling around you in a constant turmoil. But you don’t have to adapt that turmoil as your own.
The more frenzied and hurried life becomes, the more serene and unperturbed you have the opportunity to be. Whatever you can accomplish in a hectic and chaotic state, you can accomplish much more powerfully with peaceful, calm determination.
When you’re confronted with turmoil, respond with serenity. It will lift you to a higher level of experience and accomplishment.” Ralph S. Marston, Jr