December 27, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
What we have seen and heard we proclaim now to you… 1 John 1:3
“It’s only two days after Christmas and our readings take a gigantic leap forward in time to Jesus’ resurrection. Why?  Because today is the feast of Saint John, apostle, evangelist and witness to the resurrection. In the introduction to his letter, John tells us he is testifying to what he himself has seen with his own eyes and touched with his own hands. In saying this, he is reminding us of the essence of Christian faith: a personal relationship with Jesus. Yes, we can be inspired by the faith of others, but eventually our faith must spring from our own awareness of God’s presence in our life.
This awareness presupposes regular reflection on our life as well as regular prayer.
Jesus, help me to be more attentive to what I am seeing, hearing and touching in my personal life – the people and events as well as the movement of my own heart. And keep me faithful to my daily ‘chats’ with you.” Sr. Melanie Svoboda, S.N.D.