December 26, 2020

My reflections these next few days will be letters from those who were at the first Christmas.
“From Mary, a cave, outskirts of Bethlehem, December 26, 0001
Dear Christmas Friend,
It’s now the day after Christmas. I want to thank you for the honor you gave my Son, Joseph, and me. You celebrated well. You prepared for it and prayed about it. (I also delighted in the joy you had when you gave and receive those Christmas presents.)
Now you are probably experiencing a let down. The excitement is over; the living room is in disarray; everybody’s going here or there, or else catching up on much-needed rest. Life is so different now; even the Christmas songs have stopped. Compared to the feverish activity before, your world now seems so ordinary, perhaps even dull.
Never mind. Don’t get discouraged. I am experiencing a let down, too. Nobody can stay on a ‘high’ forever. It was so unforgettably beautiful to give birth to my Son. Nothing can compare to that. Beautiful, also to know my husband‘s support of love… and welcome the shepherds with their shy and simple praise… and sense the joy of the whole world, and angels too… all this was so exhilarating it could not possibly continue.
I have work to do. I must care for my baby, keep our place clean and plan for the future. Day follows day, now.
Even so, I’ll never lose the memory of these past months. My gratitude to God will never dim. I won’t become discouraged by our poverty or by the fact that so many people will soon forget me and forget what Christmas is all about.
I know my real value. God has chosen me to help him with his plan of love. He values me. This is the light shining through every drab detail; it is the warmth that will never permit human indifference to chill me.
You, too, be of good cheer. You are greatly valued in God’s eyes. You have loved my Son by celebrating his birthday. You have proven that love is real to you because you were thoughtful of others this Christmas. We are family, you and I.
Don’t be upset if your house is in a mess, or if people seem indifferent, or if you don’t have much energy at all. ‘Down times’ will pass. We are family in these feelings, too.
Must get supper ready now. I just wanted to write you this, to thank you for remembering us yesterday… and to promise you my support, especially when life is more dreary than exciting.
All my love,
Mary” -Isais Powers, C.P.