December 17, 2020

My reflection today: ‘It’s Snowing!’
“Rainy days usually depress us; why does falling snow make us feel so differently? Children cannot wait to play in it. Adults, though they hate shoveling it, look longingly out the window. In the northern half of the continent, people feel ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ only when snow blankets the earth. Yet falling snow brings anxiety to the inadequately sheltered or clothed. For them, its bright blanket is a sign of winter’s bleak despair.
God’s love blankets the earth like snow, a gentle cover of forgiveness, kindness and peace. His Spirit covers our hearts with the clean brightness of his love. Do we see it?
If we are missing a sense of his forgiveness, kindness and peace, is it because something is causing us anxiety?
Can we do something to shovel this anxiety away?
Are any of our actions bringing a cold bleakness into another’s life.” –  Terrance Schneider
Dear God,
you want our lives to be brighter than snow.
Blanket our hearts with your graces.
Fill our minds with kind thoughts, our mouth‘s with gentle words, our lives with good deeds.
Be our hope for a joy filled Christmas. Amen.?