December 16, 2021

My reflection:
“Make time in your busy schedule now and then to contemplate and slow way down-to gaze at the landscape, marvel at the beauty and the majesty of the trees, and look up until you can almost touch that big, out of reach blue sky. Be thankful you can see.
Be still and hear the sounds around you. Listen to the birds speaking their own language. Hear the universe singing and the world making its music in concert with the rhythms of the traffic. Tune in to those melodies in your heart for inspiration. Be glad you can hear.
Breathe in hope and joy, and feel the life-giving air. Breathe out fear and regret. Don’t worry about doing anything this moment except being where you are. Feel the harmony of your relationship with every living thing. Be mindful of the people who are positive influences in your life.
Take the time to fall in love with life with the innocence and wonder of a child.” Donna Fargo
God has given us so many gifts! Let us pause and think God for the beauty that surrounds us.