December 11,2020

My reflection today: Choosing the Right Gift
“‘ How much?’ ‘ I never know what to buy her.’ Where did the idea come from that you need money in order to give a gift? We seem to have lost the custom, ability and time to create our own. Money today allows us to purchase a present for another; and may allow us to avoid giving a gift-of ourselves. From the secular point of view, the Christmas season is devoted to buying, giving and exchanging gifts. Yet, the meaning of ‘giving’ is destroyed each year when we think about how many gifts we give out of obligation, habit or social pressure. A gift, however is to be something of our self shared with another to show them we care.
There was a much deeper meaning in the exchange of gifts the first Christmas. God gave the gift of himself to us in Jesus. And Jesus continues to give himself to us. We are our best gifts, too.
How can we give a gift of ourselves to another? Will we give and receive many ‘presents’ this year but few ‘gifts’?” – Terrance Schneider
Terrance is calling us to rethink our views of Christmas gifts. Dear God, in that first Christmas giving, it was your giving of your Son that blessed us. Give us the wisdom to discover new ways to give and receive in your
Spirit. Amen?