December 11, 2021

My reflection is from Living Faith:
… give us new life, and we will call upon your name. Psalm 80:19
“A fellow parishioner had a heart attack, and the story goes that he promised God that if he survived, he would spend the rest of his life serving God. He recovered and began an extraordinarily successful charitable organization that collects and distributes household furniture and goods to the poor. By keeping his promises, this man touched countless lives. His fidelity echoes God’s faithfulness to us.
During Advent we watch, wait and long to experience God entering our lives. We may want a flashy miracle, but perhaps we can take a lesson from the man in my parish and notice our God-given deepest longings. Maybe it is an inner nudge to begin a deeper prayer life or to reach out to someone in pain? Perhaps it is time to seek help in letting go of our anger?
Or it is time to listen to someone who may hold an opposing point of view?
What choice might you make that would give you ‘new life’ during this Advent season?” Terri Mifek
Let us take time to reflect on what will make our Advent time special.