December 1, 2021

My reflection:
“Material wealth definitely has its merits – but it alone cannot provide the riches of a truly meaningful life. A truly meaningful life possesses an inherent sense of both self and purpose. It celebrates truth, love, and freedom and remains forever appreciative of its blessings. It is a life that gives and cares and makes a difference in endless poignant ways. It leaves the world a far better and brighter place than it would have otherwise been.
People are often looking for ways to measure the worth of their lives. The most fortunate among them come to realize that you need not have the finest education to possess the greatest wisdom or the biggest bank account to feel rich beyond measure. For if you are joyful and share your bliss at every turn, then you walk among the most successful beings to ever grace this earth.” Lynn Keachie
I believe God gives us the graces we need each day.?