August 31, 2021

M reflection today is yfrom Living Faith:
…. they were astonished by his teaching because he spoke with authority. Luke 4:32
Years ago, I was standing in a line at the bank when a toddler suddenly ran up to me and threw her arms around my leg. As soon as I spoke, she realized she had mistaken me for her mother and ran toward the woman behind me who happened to be wearing the same colored slacks.
Like that little girl, I can initially be fooled by appearances. There are people, sometimes powerful ones, who attract us by championing some aspect of Christianity that is particularly important to us. However, when we listen carefully, we realize their words and actions do not flow from the Spirit of Christ. Whether in my own life or that of others, if something consistently fails to produce the fruits of the Spirit – that is, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control -I know I have taken the wrong path.
Compassionate God, guide my choices so that they reflect your goodness.” Terri Mifek