August 22, 2021

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Simon Peter answered him, “Master to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68
“To live long, rich and fulfilling lives, we turn to many different kinds of people. We turn to our parents and teachers to instruct us in what we need to succeed and prosper. We turn to doctors and other scientists to guide us toward healthy lives. Perhaps we look to inspirational writers and speakers to point us toward more interesting, successful and ethical lives. These people can be a blessing.
But none of them – however beneficial – can offer what only God can give through a life in Christ. It’s good to reach our fullest potential, but only God can give us life beyond this all-too-fleeting moment in time, however fulfilling it has been.
To whom else can we turn? Only to you, Jesus.” Steve Givens