August 22, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread:
“ After we recognize our fears, we must then see them in the light of God‘s love. Many people in Scripture who met God or who were called on to do something with their gifts express their fear of doing so. They often protested their call because of these fears. They doubted that God could care that much for them, or they doubted their own ability to accept God‘s great love for them. Abraham feared the unknown land before him; Moses was scared that he would not say the right things; Samuel was afraid that Eli wouldn’t believe him; Jacob awoke alarmed from his meeting with God; Zachary was overcome with fear when his prayer was heard; Mary feared the angels greeting; the shepherds were alarmed when the glory of God shown around them; Joseph grew afraid of what God spoke to him in his dreams; Peter and his companions were frightened when their catch a fish was so great. Time and again the word of the Lord came to people who were fearful: ‘Do not be afraid.  Have no fear. I am with you. I am your strength. I will support you. You have no need to be afraid.’” –  Joyce Rupp
Isn’t it amazing how understanding our God is for each one of us….All throughout history people were afraid and God was there through it all. And so it is with our lives, in spite of our fears, God still walks with us and says, “Do not be afraid for I am with you.”?