August 17, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread:
“In a beautiful little book, Making All Things New, Henry Nouwen points to worrying as a major hindrance of spiritual growth: ‘ One of the most notable characteristics of worrying is that it fragments our lives. The many things to do, to think about, to plan for, the many people to remember, to visit, or to talk with, the many causes to attack or defend, all these pull us apart and make us lose our center. Worrying causes us to be all over the place, but seldom at home. One way to express the spiritual crisis of our time is to say that most of us have an address but cannot be found there. We know where we belong, but we keep being pulled away in many directions, as if we were still homeless. All these other things keep demanding our attention. They lead us so far from home that we eventually forget our true address, that is, the place where we can be addressed.:” – Joyce Rupp
These next few days Joyce Rupp will be addressing worrying. All of us at times worry about one thing or another but this reflection and the following days will be putting worrying in perspective