August 13, 2021

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever; give thanks to the God of gods for his mercy endures forever; give thanks to the Lord of lords for his mercy endures forever. Psalm 136 1-3
“ In today’s Mass we hear the refrains-
“for his mercy endures forever”-
fourteen times!(Incidentally, if you open your Bible to Psalm 136, you’ll read that 26 times.)This psalm of thanksgiving extols God’s majestic work in Creation and his faithful love throughout Israel’s history. It keeps alive the memory of the goodness of God. How important this is for us.
I wonder what we might learn if we took the psalmist’s approach-And wrote a brief history of our lives punctuated by the constant refrain of gods forever mercy? It might become our own prayer inviting God’s mercy to speak his goodness and steadfast love over all of it, over our memories of good or ill.
Lord help me to better trust you and all the circumstances of my life.”
Pat Gohn