April 7, 2023

My reflection is from Living Faith:
For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. John 18:37b
“Good Friday seems anything but good. Hasn’t Jesus just undergone horrific torture during his passion and crucifixion? Wasn’t he laid in the tomb? Isn’t he dead? Isn’t the story over? This is what the ways of the world may incline us to think. But far from death, life will have the ultimate victory. Truth will reign again.
We live in an era of deception and faulty – when it seems that the truth is negotiable or can even be changed. Whether in terms of the human person as God made us, of human life or otherwise, we must proclaim truth and reality. And let us begin by celebrating the truth itself (or rather Himself): Jesus Christ, who will rise to new life in a few days.
Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your sacrifice on the cross. May we always remember the true depth of your love for us.”
Mr. Justin McLain, O.P.