April 4, 2023

My reflection is:
“To live in a state of grace means to be fully in tune with your spiritual nature and a higher power that sustains you. Grace comes when you are able to move from your lower self, where your ego dictates the path that ‘should’ be rightfully yours, to your higher self, where you are able to transcend your ego and expand into your greater good. It comes when you shift from a ‘me’ centered reality to an understanding of the bigger picture. Grace comes when you understand and accept that the universe always creates circumstances that lead every person to his or her own true path, and that everything happens for a reason as part of a divine plan….
In the state of Grace you trust in yourself and the universe. You can celebrate other peoples blessings, knowing that their gifts are right and appropriate for them and that the universe has your gift right around the
corner. ” Cherie Carter-Scott, PhD