April 24, 2023

My reflection:
“I pray that your faith will always stay strong and bravely take you through every crisis, that hope will always blaze inside you – even when life seems bleakest and that peace will fill your mind, heart, and spirit with every breath you take.
I pray that love will hold you close with each new day and remind you that you are never alone. I pray that you I will always come your way, so that you will experience life with delight. I pray that your kindness is will shine in the smiles of the people whose lives you’ve touched.
I pray that your confidence will always be reborn whenever you take a nasty fall-and that you’ll stand tall when others don’t believe in your dreams, passions and beliefs.
I pray that healing will come to you completely when you are injured – physically or emotionally – and that family and friends who love and support you will help you recover much sooner.
I pray that forgiveness will heal your heart when others cause you distress, that you’ll know you are worthy of happiness and success, and that you’ll be blessed with a sunny mind, heart, and attitude. I pray you will always keep close to your goals and stay focused on reaching for the stars you choose. And I pray you know I will always love you”
Jacqueline Schiff
This sounds like it could be written to each one of us from God. ?