April 24, 2020

Today’s reflection comes from
a song by the Dameans
the words are by Darryl Ducote:

“ A rainbow makes a promise that life is here to stay
Promise means there’s more to life than what we know today
I can share tomorrow if there’s one to pledge at to
 I’d like to be a rainbow and promise life to you

All the joy we know now has come because we share
Dividing up the sorrow makes it easier to bear
So with our hearts together life is bound to grow
I promise you tomorrow from all the love I know

There’s much that we’ll discover on roads where love will lead

We’ll come to know our own heart as we answer each one’s needs
For in the life we promise there’s more to what we share
To lose ourselves in giving is to find God hidden there”

God’s rainbow for each of us

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