April 22, 2023

My reflection:
“You are such a deserving person, much more so than you give yourself credit for being. There are many, many things you do for everyone else. So please, do this one thing for yourself: the next time you picture your future, take the time to brush up on your washing skills and imagine what a joyful fulfilling tomorrow looks like… for you.
Don’t just color in a paint by numbers image of what you’re expected to be. Come up with a picture that truly reflects your down to the core desires and your most hope for goals. Make it a masterpiece that shows you with a big smile on your face as you take steps on the path that leads in the direction of your dreams. And use that beautiful image to inspire you to make your life more of what you want it to be.
Do it because this is exactly what you would want for someone else. And do it because you deserve the same considerate, wonderful wish… for yourself.”
Douglas Pagels
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