April 20, 2022

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
… their eyes were opened…
Luke 24:31
“At times, our story is quite like today’s Emmaus story. As we journey along, we often share with anyone who will listen all the hardships we have endured or how we wonder if God knows or even cares about them. As with the disciples, someone comes along who reminds them – and us – of all that we need to suffer to bring us to glory. And our faith is rekindled, and we return to our daily duties.
In Eucharistic moments, whether at Mass or breaking bread, we are blessedly assured that Jesus still accompanies us in all the ups and downs of life. Even when he seems to disappear and we feel we are on our own, we remain with opened eyes, knowing that carrying the cross is necessary for salvation. we continue to walk by faith. Knowing that the Risen Jesus has our backs, we encourage others to accept whatever life brings.
Transformed by faith, let us become disciples of hope.” Sr. Bridget Haase,
We are still in the Easter season let us reach out to the risen Jesus in quiet reflection