April 10, 2021

My reflection today:

“This light can awaken dreams. It creates beauty previously unimagined, fulfills promises and provides peace, teaches wisdom and strengthens the week.
This light can change anything. It turns the hardest heart to tears, transforms jealousy into gentleness, replaces resentment with fulfillment.
This light teaches forgiveness and patience. It comforts pain and sue the anger, believes in miracles and encourages hope, survives defeat and continues forever.
This light shines on-bright as the stars in heaven. It is a flame in the darkness of defeat, a flicker of hope that never ends, I spoke to fulfill God’s design for our lives.
When love sparks a heart and inspires tenderness and hope, it is always spiritual-a sign of God’s light inside us.
Always reach toward the light, and God will guide you from the inside. Simply follow the light, and you will find the key you need to discover your inner beauty and fulfill God‘s plan for you.” – Regina Hill
During this Easter season and beyond God‘s light will inspire our hearts. Amen