January 8, 2021

My reflection today comes from Fresh Bread:
“Jesus, too, spoke of this God, this Father of his, who heals, consoles, forgives, and encourages us to begin again. Jesus presents this Father as a deeply loving one who always gives his people another chance, God who understands the human heart, who picks us up and dusts us off when we fall into the ashes of our weaknesses. This God’s love is everlasting. He encourages us by holding out a new year like an unmarred, snow covered land, saying: ‘Look it’s new. It’s clean. It’s fresh. Let’s walk it together. Do not keep looking back. You cannot undo the past, but you can walk the present with me. Treasure my love for you and believe in my presence with you. I have so many wonderful surprises if you will but begin anew on the journey and rely on me instead of just on yourself.” -Joyce Rupp
God is giving us this new year to look forward not behind.
Unfortunately the rioters in Washington, DC muddied everything up but our process of democracy continued on in spite of the terror that everyone went through. In a few days, we will have a new president, whether you voted for him or not, let us pray that he will have the stamina to bring everyone together. As Saint Francis prayed, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.?