April 21, 2020

Today is the end of the chapter from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“ I would encourage you to savor the days of Easter season, not let them be drudgery for you. When you rise in the morning, pray an act of faith asking the risen Jesus to bless your rising and you’re going forth into the Galilee of your day. Beg for an awareness of the little things of that day.

Before you close your eyes for night’s sleep, recall the days little Easters: What have been your joyful moments? Have you prayed for the grace of God’s re- entry into your life? Have you noticed how Jesus uses other people in your life for his Easter appearances.

May you hear the Savior call your name often in your own garden of life. May those moments inspire you to deeper faith, the kind that can carry you through feasts and seasons when your spirit may not know feelings of alleluia.”

May God continue to open our eyes to the little Easter’s in our life Jesus was in the tomb for three days who knows how many days we will be in the “tomb”.

I believe that we will have a resurrection from this pandemic and pray that we’ve learned many things from it!